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Hydro-Action Standard 40

Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment AP Series

The Hydro-Action® AP Series individual wastewater treatment plant is a self-contained, extended aeration, aerobic treatment facility utilizing the activated sludge process. It can also be used in combination with UV disinfection and chlorination. It also offers a variety of effluent dispersal management options such as drip, pump, and gravity discharge.

The plant consists of an engineered pre-treatment septic tank and a cylindrically shaped aeration tank with an offset service access, a unique cone shaped clarification compartment and an outlet tee-assembly. Three fine-bubble air diffuser assemblies with hard pipe diffusers and Hydro-Action® efficient air pump are combined to provide effective, efficient, and economical aeration.

Domestic wastewater enters the aeration compartment and is mixed thoroughly with the already present mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) activated sludge. The injection of air through the porous air diffusers placed near the bottom of the aeration chamber is responsible for this complete mixing. The fine-bubble diffusers and the vortex area between diffuser assemblies produce a high magnitude of air diffusion and therein provide ample mixing and a more than generous quantity of dissolved oxygen to maintain the aerobic environment even under extreme conditions.

Hydraulic displacement causes the mixed liquor to enter the clarification compartment and move upward toward the outlet tee-assembly.  Due to the calm conditions in the clarifier, suspended solids settle to the bottom where they are remixed with the Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) for additional biological treatment. The remaining clarified effluent leaves the plant via the outlet tee assembly and discharge line.

The AP Series ATUs are operated by the OPS®. The OPS® integrates the electrical controls, visible and audible alarms and air pump in a protective polyethylene enclosure. The OPS® can be either platform mounted on the plant or remotely located. These features plus the offset access, airline piping, and diffuser assemblies make the plant extremely reliable and easy to service. An optional visible and audible alarm may be added to remotely locate to an area of your choice.

The technology used in the Hydro-Action® plant allows it to produce excellent effluent quality, which thereby meets all ANSI\NSF International Standard 40 class I and the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements of a secondary treatment process. NSF requires that a Class I plant shall be shown to meet EPA secondary treatment guidelines for CBOD5, TSS, and ph. The Hydro-Action® AN Series ATUs satisfy all these requirements.