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An Easier and Greener Wastewater Management Solution

No home or business owner wants to spend a lot of time thinking about a septic system. They simply want it to work safely and effectively, without causing trouble for their property or the environment.

When a wastewater system fails, conventional solutions are often expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. Issues like space constraints and leach field complications mean that sometimes finding a viable replacement can be nearly impossible.

If you’re tired of less-than-perfect answers, meet a smarter onsite wastewater treatment system. With over 30 years experience in wastewater management, Hydro-Action knows that new problems demand new solutions. We’re a common-sense business using advanced technology to create economical, sustainable systems that make life easier and greener from the ground up.

Good Ideas Are in the Air

Meet the AP-500 Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU), the heart of the Hydro-Action wastewater management system. It learned to clean wastewater from the best teacher around: Mother Nature herself. Just as waste breaks down organically from air, the aerobic bacterial action in our ATU uses oxygen to treat wastewater.

The Break Down—Naturally

The Hydro-Action system outperforms traditional septic tanks in prolonging drain field life, meeting environmental requirements, and handling issues like poor soil or high groundwater.

How it works:

  1. The Hydro-Action ATU Prepares Wastewater.
    Before wastewater enters the ATU, it runs through the pretreatment or septic tank. Pretreating reduces the amount of solids and other materials that can get into the system. The system’s flexibility allows the ATU to be added to an existing septic tank or used with the Hydro-Action system alone.
  2. Processes Effluent.
    When effluent arrives from the pretreatment/septic tank, the ATU gets to work. The Aeration Compartment is why the ATU blows traditional septic tank technology right out of the water. A pump injects air into the compartment and oxygenation begins. As aerobic bacteria are force fed oxygen and multiply, they clean the wastewater without chemicals and filters.
  3. Creates Clear, Odorless Effluent.
    Oxygenated effluent then enters ATU’s Clarification Compartment, a conically- shaped area that separates clarified water from any remaining solids, which settle and return for further aeration. From the Clarification Compartment, effluent enters the dosing tank, field or mound disposal system—without any worries about bio-matting.

With wastewater management, prevention counts. Our OPS®, or Operations control center, alerts you through visual and audio signals if the system becomes too full or air pressure drops to unacceptable levels, so a certified installer can be contacted for maintenance.

Keeping It Green: Your Backyard and Beyond

Today’s planet can’t wait for a different approach to wastewater management.

It’s estimated that conventional septic systems are unsuitable for roughly two-thirds of all the land area in the U.S. (NSFC, Pipeline). In many areas, even existing systems create serious user and ecological problems. The EPA estimates that anywhere from ten to 30 percent of onsite systems are failing annually.

When it comes to wastewater, your neighbor’s problem is definitely your own. Property values, land quality, and a community’s drinking water are all threatened by wastewater that’s not well managed.

With an estimated 26 million homes and businesses in the U.S. using their own decentralized system, local concerns quickly become larger. One of the biggest causes of pollution to our nation’s waterways is septic systems that aren’t working, according to the EPA.

Hydro-Action’s mission is to stay on the cutting edge of every issue in the wastewater industry, overcoming increasing challenges with new approaches that work better for you and the world we all share.

Environmental benefits of Hydro-Action include:

Hydro-Action: Down To Earth Savings

We’re improving your quality of life with an effective, convenient wastewater system, and keeping the big picture in mind, too. We understand that the best value for our customers makes economic and environmental sense.

Hydro-Action is revolutionizing wastewater management with practical, green solutions that acknowledge our limited environmental resources.

With smart, fast-performing, aerobic technology, we treat water the same way nature does. The only resource we don’t see as limited?—Our Quality.

Operation & Maintenance

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